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Innovating for Innovation conferences

We’re taking the pulse of our visitors and trying to decide on next year’s conference theme.  Check out our options and let us know which conference theme you find most interesting!

Poll closes on 10/15/2014


Option 1: Understanding customer needs

This theme would focus on market research, customer research, and tools and techniques to understand customer needs.  Everything from traditional quantitative research to ethnography and anything in between, as well as analyzing and synthesizing research and developing needs or jobs to be done.


Option 2: Developing innovation culture and leadership

This theme would focus on the factors that constitute an “innovation” culture, and highlight how to identify, train and develop innovation teams and leaders.  This one would include a fair number of case studies from local firms.


Option 3: Innovation from other industries

Recognizing that many ideas and processes are borne from looking at industries outside of a company, this theme looks at different ways to find and repurpose them for your own.  Tracks might include research, an update on open innovation, and outside development processes.


Option 4: The future of innovation

What does the future of innovation look like in a world where sustainable competitive advantage gives way to transient competitive advantage and opportunities need to be captured at increasingly fast speed?  This theme would focus on emerging new product and service development trends as well as methods and resources that are already used today by companies facing this dilemma.


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