Why is this conference different from other innovation conferences?

As a member of the planning committee for Innovate Carolina in years past, I’m most excited about this year’s agenda. Here’s 3 good reasons that this conference is unlike the many other innovation conferences out there:

  • The short-course format – We’ve ensured that each session will send you home with immediately actionable training, not just feel-good case studies that hardly apply to your organization.  Our “teachers” represent some of the leading firms across the country that offer day-long or week-long workshops and training on these topics.  We want to bolster your Product Development skill set with the same techniques in a fraction of that time!
  • Regional “classmates” –  With built-in networking opportunities, expect to also learn from your fellow students who come from all over the Carolinas.  Our attendees include product development pros, product managers, innovation and research experts across all sorts of industries from companies big and small who may be facing the same challenges that you do.
  • Amazingly affordable “tuition”- Other conferences or onsite training sessions can easily set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in registration fees alone.  Then there’s travel and hotel expenses.  Innovate Carolina offers professional career development just down the road for less than $100 (if you register by March 15.)

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