Our 2011 Theme: Open Innovation

Open Innovation – Buzzphrase-du-jour or viable product development tool?  We plan to unpack that very question on April 15 as the theme for our 2011 Innovate Carolina Conference.

The PDMA Carolinas Chapter invites you to join us on the UNCC campus in Charlotte, NC for a full-day of networking and engaging discussions. Unlike other conferences that tackle this topic, we’ll hear from Product Development leaders speaking about real-world case studies, including stories from the field about:

  • How ideas from outside of a firm are generated and collected through contests, trend spotting, and tech scouting
  • How Open Innovation concepts should be evaluated and managed differently from internally-generated concepts, and what happens when they aren’t
  • How an Open Innovation process fits in a traditional product development culture

The speaker agenda is just about complete and registration will open soon.  Drop us a line to be notified with registration details.

Until then, take a peek at this video clip from Marshall Brain, the keynote speaker from our 2010 conference in Chapel Hill.  (Duration: 12:50)

And here’s a few links highlighting last year’s agenda and content:

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